Students in the research training programs benefit from the location and facilities of the Research Centre on Aging, including:

  • The presence of 30 researchers who have their offices in the centre;
  • Access to laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology;
  • An auditorium and classrooms equipped with multimedia systems;
  • A specialized documentation centre and support in document research;
  • A branch of the Quebec Inter-University Centre for Social Statistics (QICSS)
  • A computer room and technical support
  • Support in statistical methods
  • A personal office (for doctoral student and for students working with a researcher)
  • Insertion in a health and social services centre and proximity to a hospital and residential centre
  • Scientific activities (workshops, scientific lunches, visits by guest researchers)

In addition, students are also full-time members of Sherbrooke’s university community and enjoy all of the privileges that this entails.