Empowerment and environment research axis


819 821-8000 , 72917
819 829-7131 , 45144

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Université de Sherbrooke


Postdoctorate, Systemic knowledge transfer (Montreal)
Ph.D. Clinical sciences (Sherbrooke)
M.Sc. Clinical sciences (Sherbrooke)
LL. M. Health law and policy (Sherbrooke)
B.Sc. Occupational therapy (Laval)
B.A. Psychology (Sherbrooke)

Research Themes

Research Relevance

The research program of Professor and Researcher Annie Carrier focuses on the interface between persons (health care professional or elderly person) and the institutional context (legal, administrative, and organizational aspects) of frontline health care services and social services. This program consists of two axes:

  • The role of the institutional context in clinical reasoning and interventions by professionals;
  • Support for the actions of agents of change to favourably modify the institutional context.

The program contributes to the identification of contextual elements to be improved (axis 1) and change-generating actions (axis 2) in order to ultimately improve health care and social services provided to the elderly.

Representative Achievements

  • Carrier, A., Levasseur, M., Freeman, A., and Desrosiers, J. (2016). Reddition de compte et optimisation de la performance : impacts sur le choix des interventions ergothérapiques. Revue de Santé Publique, 28(6), 769‐780. PMID: 28155772 
  • Carrier, A. and Contandriopoulos, D. (2016). Principes de communication et rôle social du chercheur en matière de transfert de connaissances : une dualité source de questionnements éthiques. Bioéthique Online, 5(25). URL: **Projet A + B recipient of Prix ForcesAvenir: Arts, Letters and Culture (2016).
  • Carrier, A. and Contandriopoulos, D. (2015). The change agent role of occupational therapists: Influencing policy with ideas that stick. OT Now Special Issue “Occupational therapists as agents of change: Improving the lives of Canadians “, 17.5, 4.
  • Carrier, A., Freeman, A., Levasseur, M., and Desrosiers, J. (2015). Standardised referral form: Restricting client centred practice? Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy Special Issue "Critical Perspectives on Client‐ Centred Occupational Therapy", 22(4), 283‐292. doi: 10.3109/11038128.2015.1019922 PMID: 25772085

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