RIESCO, Éléonor

Gerosciences Axis


819 780-2220 , 45240
819 821-8000 , 63337

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Human Kinetics
Université de Sherbrooke


Postdoctorate in Physical and Sports Education
Ph.D. Social and Preventive Medicine, Kinesiology
M.Sc. Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities
B.Sc. Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities 

Research Themes
  • Aging and menopause: Impact on adipose tissue metabolism
  • The Physiology of adipose tissue (stocking/degradation of fat) and response to exercising
  • The Relationship between inflammation and the development of chronic diseases in aging
  • Modulation of the secretive function of adipose tissue (inflammation, production of adipokines) in response to physical activity among older adults.
  • Relationship between changes in quality of life and adipose tissue metabolism (inflammation) in response to training among older adults

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