Mission and Objectives

the Research Centre on Aging's mission is toproduce and integrate knowledge on the processes supporting healthy aging and to facilitate the adaptation of society to this complex challenge. Thus, the researchers at the Research Centre on Aging contribute to the development of knowledge to prevent, to slow down and to alleviate the aging process and loss of autonomy among seniors.

Disseminating knowledge and their applications throughout clinical environments and in the communities is at the very heart of the activities of the CDRV, whose mission is to train future care providers, researchers and clinical researchers in the field of aging.

More specifically, research and work at the Centre aim to:

  1. Understand the mechanisms of biological aging responsible for the increased vulnerability of the senescent organism;
  2. Analzye the characteristics of certain age-related or age-specific deficiencies;
  3. Develop and assess the effectiveness of programs and interventions intended to maintain, promote or restore autonomy among seniors; 
  4. Understand the specific factors involved in the genesis of disability among seniors and to assess the rehabilitation interventions for this type of clientele;
  5. Recognize the factors which lead to cognitive, psychosocial and social vulnerability among seniors and to analyze the psychosocial determinants for maintaining autonomy and actualizing potential.