Computer consultation and support services

Two information systems technicians share their knowledge and expertise by providing computer consultation and support services to the Research Centre on Aging's scientific community. In addition to providing technical support to researchers and students, this service makes it possible to maintain a stable, up-to-date, and operative computer network. The technicians:

  • Manage, diagnose and resolve computer and software issues;
  • Purchase, install and configure computer devices and software;
  • Manage access to the local network and ensure that it functions properly;
  • Advise staff regarding purchases of new computer equipment and software;
  • Administer and maintain servers and the backup system;
  • Install and update software;
  • Ensure the Virtual Private Network (VPN) is operative for remote network access.

For further information, please contact:

Marc-Antoine Côté
Information systems technician
Telephone: 819 780-2220, ext. 45178

Martin St-Jean
Information systems technician - network administrator
Telephone: 819 780-2220, ext. 45334

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