Quebec Inter-University Centre for Social Statistics (QICSS)

The Research Centre on Aging hosts the satellite laboratory of the Quebec Inter-University Centre for Social Statistics (QICSS). The Inter-University Centre enables researchers to gain access to the confidential data of longitudinal and cross-sectional studies. It is a Québec branch of the Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN). This laboratory is open to the general university scientific community and provides a wide range of services adapted to the needs of researchers. These services include:

A research infrastructure composed of a computer laboratory with 5 workstations and technical support to enable Sherbrooke's university community of researchers to contribute to the study of health and social issues which affect Canadians.

A dataset which enables the users of the QICSS laboratory to quickly and easily identify, access, and extract technical information which is essential for their work.

A broad range of customized consulting services regarding operating databases, using statistical analysis software, and generating results which respect information confidentiality.

Scientific activities offered in the form of intensive training workshops on longitudinal and multilevel analysis methods, as well as seminars and the presentation of research findings.

An environment conducive to the exchange of ideas, hypotheses, and research strategies which are essential to the advancement of knowledge.

  • QICSS Laboratory access procedures
  • QICSS Laboratory activities

All of the information about the QICSS is available on its website at:

For information about available services, please contact:

Juno Tremblay

Statistics assistant
Telephone: 819 780-2220 ext. 45528


QICSS Laboratory access procedures

Strict protocols which meet the requirements of Statistics Canada to guarantee the confidentiality of survey data have been implemented. To gain access to the QICSS Laboratory, individual researchers and research teams must submit a request to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). For research teams, a principal applicant submits the request on behalf of the team. The request is submitted online at the following address:;jsessionid=5492E8E7C33CD73CBD2B79E86AD9D378.SSAPP8


The principal applicant must:

1. Register with the SSHRC's on-line system to obtain an internal user number and password.

2. Submit a project proposal to be reviewed by a committee of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Statistics Canada. The 2-to-5-page proposal must contain the following information:

 Project title

 Justification for the study and objectives

  • Describe the project's contribution to the advancement of knowledge, providing a review of recent literature on the subject, and identifying gaps which need to be filled.

  • Clearly state the research questions or specific objectives the study intends to address.

 Proposed data analysis and software

  • Describe the statistical methodology and why it is suitable for the objectives of the project.

  • List the software required for the analysis of the data.

 Required data

  • Justify any access to confidential data (rather than to broadly disseminated micro-data files) to complete the project.

  • Indicate the study file(s) which will be used, specifying, if applicable, the stages of the study.

  • Explain how the indicated confidential data files are directly related to the proposed research.

  • Specify which specific population is targeted generally throughout the required data.

  • List the variables which will be used.

  • Expected start and end dates of the project.


  • Reference the documents used to prepare the project proposal and the specific analytical methods to be employed.

3. Draw up a list of research contributions and contributions by team members, if applicable.

4. Register online at the SSHRC website. Include your curriculum vitae (CV) and that of your team members, if applicable.

5. Complete the online request form on the SSHRC website and attach all requested documents.


Before submitting their rersearch project proposal to the SSHRC, researchers who wish to do so can send a copy a copy of their research proposal to a QICSS research analyst at 514-343-2090. The analyst can advise them. Email:

The QICSS hosts confidential information that is protected under the Statistics Act. Researchers who wish to gain access must be "deemed employed" by Statistics Canada and undergo a security clearance. A form needs to be completed to perform the security clearance.

In most cases, the delay is approximately eight weeks to process the security clearance.

Information about access procedures is available at the following address:

QICSS Laboratory activities

To facilitate the use of data, the laboratory organizes training seminars on how to use the various databases. Those interested in receiving information about the activities of the laboratory are invited to confirm their interest by email at

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