Vigilance Laboratory


  • Description
    • The vigilance laboratory conducts research in the field of cognitive psychophysiology. Researchers in the laboratory use electrophysiological and neuropsychological means to investigate sleep and vigilance in an effort to better understand normal and pathological aging.
      More specifically, the laboratory's work deals with the electrophysiological measurement of biological indicators during cognitive activities and altered states of consciousness (sleep/vigilance). Researchers use conventional EEGs as well as advanced analysis techniques—such as frequency spectrum analysis, event-related brain potentials (ERPs), and the localization of the sources of electric signals—to identify the markers that define brain activity in the elderly.
  • Expertise
      • Three sleep recording chambers (Stellate Harmonie System and Grass amplifiers)
      • Several ERP acquisition systems (InStep, EGI, and BioSemi), including a high-intensity system (256-channel EGI system)
      • Actigraph
  • Researcher
    • Dominique Lorrain


Hamel, Mathieu
819 780-2220 , 45612

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