Biomechanics-of-Movement Laboratory


  • Description
    • The Biomechanics-of-Movement Laboratory has a 3-D motion-capture system equipped with four Optotrak sensors that wirelessly measure the positions of infrared markers to within less than one millimeter. For the purposes of biomechnical research, these markers are usually placed on anatomical landmarks to reconstruct human kinetics. This system is used in conjunction with floor-mounted AMTI force plates to record inverse-dynamics measurements for characterizing human movement.

      The laboratory also has an automated safety-harness system allowing participants to move about the laboratory in complete safety, particularly during balance and fall studies.

      Researchers use pull and tilt devices to disrupt the balance of participants and reproduce falls. In particular, a linear motor with a pull capacity in excess of 400 kg is used to pull the carpet out from under the feet of participants in order to determine their limits of stability.

  • Expertise
      • Optotrak motion-capture system with four sensors and wireless markers
      • Four AMTI force plates to measure reaction forces
      • Automated safety harness
      • Linear draw system (400 kg)
  • Researchers
    • Cécile Smeesters, Hélène Corriveau, and Patrick Boissy


Hamel, Mathieu
819 780-2220 , 45612

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