Bioengineering and Biophysics Laboratory


  • Description
    • This laboratory develops technologies and processes for cultivating vascularized tissue substitutes. More specifically, the objective is to produce a device that can improve the transplantation of pancreatic islets. Furthermore, the researchers are striving to develop and validate diagnostic tools to detect events in blood tissue. Lastly, they are developing culturing processes and technologies with broader applications in the field of biotechnology engineering.

      The laboratory offers industry a high-quality and prompt consultation service. In addition, it has cutting-edge infrastructure and expertise in the areas of bioprocesses, surface and colloidal chemistry, biomaterials, and controlled-release medication systems.
  • Expertise
      • Atomic force microscope (AFM: Digital Instruments, BioScope)
      • BioChip Arrayer™
      • Quartz-crystal microbalance (QCM)
      • Plasma reactor for thin-layer deposition
      • Surface plasmon resonance microscopy (SPR)
      • X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS)
      • Nova Biomedical BioProfile 400 analyzer, complete cutting-edge infrastructure for cell culturing
      • Microfluidizer
      • Liposome extractor
      • Freeze-dry system
      • Pilot unit to produce biomolecules by fermentation
  • Researcher
    • Patrick Vermette


Perreault, Audrey
819 780-2220 , 45249

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