Laboratory for the Impact of Stress on Bone Health


  • Description
    • The laboratory studies the impact of stress on overall health with particular attention paid to bone physiology. Stress—whether psychological, mechanical, or metabolic—causes the secretion of glucocorticoids during a normal physiological reaction called adaptation. In the long term, these hormones can have an impact on the health of individuals, particularly in terms of skeletal health. Indeed, glucocorticoids act as bone-formation (osteogenesis) inhibitors and activate bone resorption. Elevated serum levels of glucocorticoids are associated with higher risks of osteoporosis and bone fractures. Much less is known about the impact of stressful events of daily living that induce a transitory but normal increase in glucocorticoid levels. The laboratory is interested in chronic impacts on bone health. Osteoporosis results from a maladaptation in skeletal renewal. Since this condition affects a significant segment of the population over 50 years and cannot be treated, prevention must be the focus. The laboratory's researchers are striving to better understand the impacts that the stresses of daily living have on bone health.

      They are also interested in access to health-care services in English for the English-speaking minority living in the Eastern Townships (about 40,000 people). The researchers want to find out the impact that language barriers have on stress and anxiety levels, and determine the general level of health of the English-speaking population in the Eastern Townships.
  • Expertise
      • Interview and specimen-collection room
      • Molecular-biology techniques: Western blot and PCR

      Technical Expertise

      • Immunofluorescence, immunocytochemistry
      • Molecular-biology techniques
      • Cortisol does, bone markers (EIA and related techniques)
      • Endocrinology tests

      Scientific Expertise

      • Administration of cortisol saliva tests
      • Expertise in physiology, endocrinology, and molecular biology
      • Image analysis and microscopy
      • Development and validation of survey questionnaires
      • Rallying of multidisciplinary teams around a project
  • Researcher
    • Estelle Chamoux


Perreault, Audrey
819 780-2220 , 45249

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