Research Participants Recruitment Centre: More than 1000 Volunteers

The Research Centre on Aging of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS has just passed the threshold of 1000 volunteers registered with the Research Participants Recruitment Centre.

Recruiting participants for projects is an essential, and at times difficult, component of research. In 2015, the Research Centre on Aging (CdRV) created a Participants Recruitment Centre headed by Cécile Smeesters and Dominique Lorrain.

The names and coordinates of persons interested in participating in a research study are compiled in a single system at a single location. Once the Ethics Committee greenlights a research project, a regular researcher at the CdRV can conduct a search for participants who meet well-defined criteria. Respecting the preferences of volunteers is a priority for researchers. They know if the volunteer is currently participating in an ongoing research project, how many times per month the volunteer is available, and to what point he is ready to commit to a new research project. The researcher also has access to a series of data on the volunteer's health status and lifestyle habits, to which the volunteer has given consent. It is understood that the volunteer is free at any time to agree or to refuse to participate in the proposed project.

This system enables more effective recruiting practices, better monitoring of the participants' commitment, and increased public awareness of the importance of research on aging. This is one of many services which the Research Centre on Aging offers to its 49 active researchers.

More than 1000 participants registered

"We have surpassed the 1000-volunteer milestone," said Cécile Smeesters, who insists on the coexistence in this data bank of volunteers of every age and health status. "To conduct legitimate scientific research, we need both researcher and volunteers of all ages," she said.

Project participants gain no direct benefit by belonging to the Research Participants Recruitment Centre; however, their contribution helps both our generation and future generations to gain a better understanding of the factors contributing to healthy aging to foster independence among the elderly and to encourage their development.

To register with the Research Participants Recruitment Centre or to consult our ongoing research, click here.

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Picture: The Research Participants Recruitment Centre's team (from left to right): Patrick Bérubé, coordinator, Chantale Bisson, administrative officer, Simon Brière, research officer, and the researchers Cécile Smeesters and Dominique Lorrain.

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