Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults: Two Positive Developments to Prevent, Report, and Counter Bullying and Abuse

The Secrétariat aux ainés du Ministère de la Famille (Québec) has extended the funding of the Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults, led by Researcher Marie Beaulieu, until October 2017. Founded in 2010, the Research Chair employs some 15 people - students, research officers, and researchers - involved in numerous research projects throughout the country. The additional funding amounts to $200,000 over the next two years.

Facilitating the Reporting of Bullying and Abuse

The Research Chair, in partnership with DIRA-Estrie, has also obtained a grant from the Québec amis des aînés (QADA) program to initiate a research project on the reporting of bullying and abuse of older adults.

In December 2015, the family minister responsible for seniors announced that the QADA 2015 program would fund 29 projects. The Université de Sherbrooke, which hosts the Research Chair, submitted the action research project which appears on that list. The project, led in collaboration with community organization DIRA-Estrie, is entitled Older Adult Mistreatment and Bullying: Enhancing Awareness Practices of Community-Based Organizations Promoting the Transition from Awareness to Reporting.

This project stems from 20 years of experience and practice in raising awareness by the team of workers and volunteers at DIRA-Estrie. Over the years, that team has helped many seniors become aware that they were being bullied or abused. Beyond wanting someone to listen to them, few seniors, however, wish to take the extra step of reporting their situation and seeking help.

This three-year project aims to develop and improve awareness-raising practices among volunteers, workers and community organizations to combat elder abuse. The objective is to provide the latter with a practice guide to facilitate the accompaniment of seniors and to assist them through the transition from awareness to reporting abuse.

The Research Chair and DIRA-Estrie have also received $300,000 in funding from QADA to fulfil these objectives. A more detailed file can be consulted by first clicking on the Chair's Activities, then on Current Research Projects, and finally on Funded Research Projects.

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