Anne Veil, Research Professional: 20 Years of Passionate Dedication

Ms. Anne Veil could never have imagined that her passion for social issues would lead her one day to conduct major research on such topics. While completing her master's degree in social work in 1995, she discovered the significance of social issues related to health care.

“A series of commitments in the health care and social services network and at the Research Centre on Aging have allowed me to quench my thirst for knowledge and heighten my interest in applied research,” she said.

Realizing that her findings are used to change or to improve services, practices, and systems is what delights her most.

Broad experience

Her work in the integration of independent living services (PRISMA) and, since 2008, the Age-Friendly Municipalities (MADA-Qc) has increasingly occupied a greater part of her professional trajectory.

Throughout her projects, Ms. Veil has experimented with different research methods (evaluative, exploratory, participatory, action research) which have enabled her to observe, gather, and analyze data originating directly from the lives of ordinary people and workers, to gain representative access to their environments (society/organization), and to better understand their links to the systems. Her primary expertise is on research implementation studies based on the effects or impacts of a given intervention, as well as evaluative research.

“I have had the opportunity to become acquainted with case studies (Yin), realistic evaluative (Pawson, Chen) and developmental models (Quinn Paton), the logic model, and many other models,” she said. “All of these projects have allowed me to use qualitative and mixed methods with groups, dyads and individuals, be they users, professionals, or managers.

“I have also participated in the development of research protocols and requests for funding, which have enabled me to think big, and, from time to time, to celebrate their granting. My contributions to knowledge transfer to a variety of target client groups through scientific or general publications and chapters in books, and through presentations at congresses and symposiums, reflect my pride in belonging to these teams.”

A renowned researcher

Ms. Veil has worked with renowned researchers who are visionaries in their areas of expertise. Among them are Dr. Suzanne Garon and Dr. Réjean Hébert: “They have greatly influenced my trajectory by giving me the opportunity to take on professional challenges of which I am proud.”

Ms. Veil also praises researchers Dr. Marie Beaulieu, the late Dr. Chantal Caron, Dr. Hélène Corriveau, and Dr. Michel Tousignant.

“Many coworkers, professionals and students have amazed me on numerous occasions. Working with them has fostered my sense of belonging within my profession. I am privileged to have had the honour of knowing them and to have been able to develop my potential as a professional at the Research Centre on Aging.”

A passion

Those who have worked with Ms. Veil will confirm that her proclivity for research remains unaltered, as reflected in the research and program evaluations in which she partakes and contributes.

“It is thrilling to be able to design significant changes in practices, in social policies, and in the conditions which influence the lives of individuals or socio-economically underprivileged groups, patients, and autonomy-impaired persons. That is the deep and authentic satisfaction which arises directly from my professional commitment.”


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