A Book to Get You Moving

April 29th, 2013

«You Can't Improvise Being in Shape»

Professor Isabelle Dionne's book Santé, activité physique et bien-être pour les seniors(health, fitness and well-being for seniors) has recently been published by Éditions Chiron (Paris, France).

"Everyone knows that people in Western nations are living longer," reads the book jacket, "(...) but you can't improvise being in shape. Being physically active or doing sports in your old age objectively maintains and improves your health condition compared to being sedentary in your old age."

Using plain language, the book introduces a variety of topics covered in the research of the metabolism unit and of the author's fellow researchers, including professors Éléonor Riesco, Martin Brochu and Éric Goulet. The research team has also participated in preparing the report "Pas d'âge pour courir" (you can run at any age) for Tout le monde dehors, a show broadcast by Télé-Québec. View it here!

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